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Home Inspection Field Training

Follow an experienced home inspector on a live inspection

Individual field training consists of a one-on-one inspection with ASHI Certified Home Inspector Dan Kopp (Inspector# 244451). Dan has been in the construction industry since 1988, is a former California Licensed California general contractor (CA Lic#781522), and is an Inspection Training Associates (ITA) Graduate (June 2001). Dan has personally performed over 4000 home inspections since 2001. Field training gives you the opportunity to observe the inspection of all the various visible and accessible systems and components in the home and its exterior. You will also have the opportunity to observe how the inspector interacts with the clients, seller and real estate agents and how information about the home is conveyed to the clients.

Trainees may take notes and fill out their own inspection report form as he or she follow the inspector around the property.

Time spent on field inspections will greatly enhance a new inspectors understanding of the whole process. That's how I did it, I attended over 100 field training inspections with Senior Home Inspector Austin Chase prior to starting my business and what I learned attending those inspections is an important part of my success today. Best of all, you get personal one-on-one time with the me including the opportunity to ask questions and learn trade secrets which will help you avoid making your own costly mistakes!

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Individual Live Field Inspection $125 each
5 Live Field Inspections ($100 each) $500 (Save $125!)
10 Live Field Inspections ($95 each) $950 (Save $300!)
25 Live Field Inspections ($90 each) $2250 (Save $875!)

Please read carefully:

  1. All rules of conduct apply while the trainee is on-site.
  2. Trainee is responsible for your own transportation to and from the inspection site.
  3. Only one trainee is allowed to attend each inspection.
  4. Tardy trainees will not be permitted to attend the inspection as late arrival disrupts the inspection process.
  5. Trainee must comply with the inspector's wishes.
  6. No interruption of the inspector is permitted while he talks with the clients.
  7. Trainee may not answer any questions that may be asked of him/her by the buyer, agent, or seller. The students should defer all questions to the inspector.
  8. Trainee may take notes and fill out their own inspection report forms as he/she follows the inspector around the property. (Bring your own report-Forms and notes should not be shared with any of the parties)
  9. Trainee will observe the inspection of all the various visible and accessible systems and components in the home and its exterior.
  10. Be cautious as you move around the property for your safety and the safety of others.
  11. Do not touch the homeowner's possessions, look at photos, comment on the homeowner's personal property, & etc.
  12. When the inspection is concluded, the inspector will answer the trainee's questions and review the inspection report with the student OUTSIDE THE RESIDENCE.
  13. The inspector has the right to terminate the training at any time. The trainee agrees to quietly leave the premises, without question, if so asked (money will be refunded).
  14. Any problems, questions, concerns are to be addressed directly with Dan Kopp ONLY.
  15. Bring suitable clothes to wear on the inspection.
    • Smart casual with collar is acceptable
    • Wear rubber-soled shoes
    • Bring a pair of cover-alls (to crawl under the house)
    • Bring a respirator or protective mask
    • T-shirts, shorts, faded/worn attire is NOT acceptable

Time spent on actual inspections can vary from property to property depending upon size, condition and amenities. Trainee must understand that the inspections they attend are actual jobs being performed for home buyers and or sellers and should treat the situation with respect.